So today was a pretty big day. It was opening day for Connor’s Little League. We had an awesome time. What struck me the most was that I was honored enough to be given a T-shirt and hat and made an “assistant coach”.  When he signed up I did not exactly volunteer for anything but did have intentions of helping. I knew that his coach was a great guy but I also knew he was alone. I’ve been helping with practices and trying to encourage the best that I can. Today I was asked to be in the team picture. I have to say it really felt great. It helped me realize what being a dad is even more. Connor looks up to me and I am so glad that he does… sometimes I wonder if I deserve it.  I guess this is another steppingstone of life. When I was a kid and played Little League I remember looking up to my coaches ……now I’m that guy. I hope I do Connor and all of the kids well the season. Go UPS Store!

Photo courtesy of Mommy

Photo courtesy of Mommy

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