I did a shoot recently for a long time friend, Cindy. Her daughter is a high school senior, and we did a session to capture her at this important time in her life. I knew we would have a fun time as we would both feed off each other’s creative sides.

I already posted here about Ashlynn’s, so you may also find it interesting to see a different perspective

One thing I didn’t expect was to be the subject of some photos! While I was photographing her daughter, Cindy was busy getting shots of me in action. She shared them with me not long after the shoot, and I was flattered she took the time to do that. Many times I have mom or dad shooting over my shoulder with their phones, and I get it. They want to do a quick shot to show everyone what they did and how proud they are of their son or daughter. What I just thought was nice was that she included me! It got me thinking ……

This is how others see me at a shoot! This is what I look like to others. It was interesting, to say the least, to see me this way. I am glad Cindy took the time and effort to take these pictures.

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