I have worked with The Scranton Civic Ballet Company  for the last few years, and have truly enjoyed it.  I photograph their performances as well as do posed images for the dancers.  It is a privilege to see all the pure talent.  

I was always taken back by the beauty of ballet.  So, after a while, I gathered up the nerve to approach the Ballet Mistress, Catherine, to see if she would be interested in doing a shoot to just show the beauty of what she does.  My thought was not so original as I was inspired by other photographs I have seen, but it was still going to be unique since we would use Scranton as a backdrop.  My goal was create images showing the beauty of ballet in the contrast of the city.  I think we did a pretty good job.  

Catherine asked if her friend and dance colleague Jillian could be a part of it all, and of course I said yes!  Why not double the awesomeness!

We met on Lackawanna Ave to get things rolling.   I figured there would be 100 spots to use in that area alone.  We ended up using Bogart Court, as well as the courtyard area.  That was after doing some shots on the traffic islands.  

These ladies make it look so easy.  I was barely able to walk and they are en pointe in some interesting places.    

I enlisted some help from Kathleen for lighting.  Not only did she do a great job at that but she enthusiastically suggested some other areas to try.  Including some railroad tracks.  This is where the en pointe thing got real interesting.   These two hopped up on the tracks and stood as still as statues looking so graceful.   

We made our way down to the Iron Furnaces for a last place to try.  I’m glad we did because there are some awesome backdrops there.  The stone, the iron, the trees.   Jillian climbed up into an arch and turned the empty space into something beautiful.  

Thank you ladies for a fun and creative afternoon!  Thank to Kathleen as well!  She may not have been in any of the photos, but she sure worked hard and helping create them.   

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