So it’s been a while since I have done a blog post.   There is a a good reason though… I’ve been crazy busy!!!  I have been loving all the creativity and fun I have been experiencing while shooting, but it hasn’t left much time for anything else.  Also, Peg has been traveling a lot for her job.  She was gone 3 of the last 4 weeks so I’ve been in Dad mode at Defcon 1.  It’s all good though since I love my job as well as being a dad!  

I am hoping to try a new approach to maybe get the grove going again with blogging.  Rather than trying to find time for writing one post about one shoot, why not blog what is going on every few days??  Why not let the insanity rolling around in my brain be your entertainment for the day???

Stay tuned for blogs about life. Some with photos, maybe some without.  Either way I will be doing my best to keep your interest!  

For now I better get the bag ready and batteries charged for my two shoots tomorrow!  One for the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce, and one for a cool family near a lake. 

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