Perfect Light

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a young lady while riding a horse. The entire scenario worked out perfectly. Mom found the perfect outfit. The horse farm scene was mind-blowing. And the time of day gave us the perfect golden light.

She had so much fun just riding. It was fun for me to document this in such a real way. The shoot was both challenging and rewarding. The more I chased the them around the better the images seemed to get. I ended with over 700 shots!!

The sky, the dress and the atmosphere just all collided perfectly! Add her smile and we had a no way to lose situation!

We also did some more posed type shots with her brother. Mom had him looking pretty darn good too! I did my best to capture some posed as well as some more candid images. Again, the light was just awesome.

The last shot of the day really summed it all up! Thanks for the fun shoot Michelle, Aubrey and Ben!

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Scranton Foundation Conference

I had a fun time meeting new people and learning more about the great organization throughout NEPA. Thank you, Scranton Area Community Foundation, for the opportunity to be there!!!

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Scranton Cultural Center

I was invited back once again to the Scranton Cultural Center Youth Theater Program to speak to the participants about the importance of obtaining a quality headshot in the acting and entertainment industry.

I was also able to create headshots for them! The goal was to give them some feedback on why an actor would need a good headshot or two and what you should think about when getting one.

We also discussed the use of Photoshop and image manipulation and how we need to be confident in who we are as we are.

This is a great program and I always enjoy my time with the kids! They are very respectful and energetic and eager to learn! They each had the opportunity to show some self-expression in their shot!

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I was hired by Cindy to create some new headshots and images for her professional life. We had a fun afternoon finding spots in Mountain Top so we could show different perspectives.

Our first spot was a nice restaurant/cafe setting. We managed to find an area with great light and no one else around. I think we created some nice, relaxed natural portraits.

Our next spot believe it or not was a local church. We found some great architecture and grounds to use.

I love this type of shoot! When I have never been in that spot before and have the freedom to choose locations. I love when my client trusts me to say “hmmmm what if you stand right over there”. The best images come from the least planned shots.

A great example of this is …. as we drove to the church I saw a great color on a restaurant exterior. When Cindy and I met that day neither had any idea we would be using the wall on the exterior of a Chinese restaurant for her professional lifestyle portraits. But … we did! I mentioned it to her and she trusted me enough to backtrack and get some shots there.

I think it all just came together! Her outfit and the wall colors matched so well. You have to keep looking around, keep seeking that one more shot. I love that challenge!

Thank you, Cindy, for the fun afternoon and allowing us to be creative and professional all in one!

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Headshot Day with The Greater Scranton Chamber

Join us on Wednesday Sept 11, 2019 for Headshot Day

at the Scranton Chamber of Commerce Office!

Register here!

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President Leonard at Johnson College

This was a fun shoot for sure! For those that know her will know exactly what I mean… President Katie Leonard at Johnson College is truly awesome! She is very down to earth and really loves her work. She does everything possible to make Johnson College a better place every day.

I had the pleasure to explore the campus with her and the equally awesome Marketing director, Sean Ann so that we could create some new and unique headshots and branding images. We, of course, did the more traditional style headshot but President Leonard wanted something more. She wanted to show that she is a “hands on” type of leader, so we found some great areas to do some location portraits. She may be the President of the College but she has no fear or problem hanging out in the tech labs or diesel mechanics garage. It was inspiring to see her interacting with the students as we hit each spot. Thank you, President Leonard, for the opportunity to create these images for you!!!

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Nicole and Drew

Drew is my nephew but that is not the only reason I thought this wedding was great. He and his beautiful bride, Nicole, planned out a great day at a great venue! They both had a very laidback attitude and were ready for the day and happy to just be married. And at the end, Nicole became my niece!

I met up with Nicole at their home and the day just rolled out naturally.

It’s always interesting documenting a wedding for family. I am the photographer of course but to know the people at a different level both helps and makes me a little nervous. You have to balance it all well. And as in the other cases … Drew and Nicole were more concerned with “Uncle Mike” than “our photographer”. You can’t take that for granted though…. gotta stay focused and nail the shot! How darn cute is that flower girl by the way???

Drew was his usual charming yet funny self. I love when the groom is just himself! He was genuinely excited about getting married. He’s a State Trooper and looked quite dapper and gentlemanlike!

The weather was perfect!!! Blue sky, great temp and a venue to die for! They chose Stock’s Manor for the celebration spot of the day. It is located in Mechanicsburg, PA. They have an amazing setting and atmosphere. My favorite part of the day was when they took a little walk on their own. The scenery was screaming to take more photos!

And one of the best/worst wedding shots ever has to be this one. Told you he was charming and funny…..

These 2 crazy kids were there of course. I have to say it was nice to be able to be at a wedding and sit with my wife and son for dinner. It sure beats a bar stool in the kitchen. (Yes, that has happened. LOL) It took me a while to post about this event …. it was way back in October. It was actually on Connor’s birthday. He was so excited when his Aunt Gail surprised him with his own Minecraft cake! She is Drew’s Mom and a pretty darn good cake boss herself.

Thank you Nicole and Drew for a fun day of photography and family!

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The Wonderful World of the Scranton Cultural Center Part 3

Sooooo…. Here are even more images from performances from the Scranton Cultural Center! These kids knock it out of the park every time.

I love to be at the dress rehearsals to create promotion images of the performances. Just watching is the reward! I think the staff does a great job of guiding these kids but the talents are all theirs. To be such a young age and have the courage to jump up on that stage to act and/or sing is so inspiring!

The above images are from the performance of Beauty And The Beast. The costumes, as well as the singing and acting, were outstanding! I think everyone was in the perfect role and the synergy was perfect. The show just flowed and was right up there with a Broadway performance.

Legally Blonde The Musical Jr. was also great! At the beginning was a cute performance called Dancin’ Through The Decades. The younger students were part of this dancing showcase and did a great job!!! The cast of the musical was so fun to watch, hear and photograph. The dance numbers rocked!

Last but not least …These kids did Willy Wonka Jr. I can just repeat what I said above. They did great! I love watching these kids grow as performers. It’s so nice to see them time after time becoming better at performing while also growing up in front of us all.

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The Wonderful World of Scranton Culural Center – Part 2

As promised here is another post about the awesome program at The Scranton Cultural Center.Here are some more images from the performances I was lucky enough to see, enjoy and document.

This first group of images is from the performance of School of Rock.

These kids did an amazing job of acting and singing. Plus, what made this performance even better was the fact that there was a live band playing all the music. So these kids were performing as well as concentrating on syncing their playing to the live band.

This performance was not on the main stage which gave it a more intimate feel. The audience was directly involved with the performer mixing in with the crowd.

They rocked this performance … pun intended! Great job everyone! Stay tuned for even more images of even more shows!

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The Wonderful World of the Scranton Cultural Center – Part 1

For the last few years, I have had the privilege to photograph the talented performers in the Scranton Cultural Center’s Youth Theater Program. I can not say enough about this amazing program. All of the kids that participate are great. They do an awesome job as actors and singers but are also just kind and polite as well.

I have been there several times this year and photographed a whole bunch of shows. I always look forward to these jobs and have lots of fun being creative while seeing their creativity. I usually do the shoots during the dress rehearsals. That way I have more access and won’t be a distraction during the actual performances. I love being able to get on the stage and find all sorts of angles.

I have photographed so many shows this past season I think I need to break up the blogging to a series of posts.

The images above are from the performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I was blown away by their ability to take on such a musical. The Little Dragons program kids were also part of this production which was a great addition!

It should be known that the staff that teaches and guides these children are the best of the best. I have seen them in action and alway leave impressed by their ability to organize and produce these shows!

Stay tuned for the next portion of the blog about this awesome program.

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