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So I met Paul a number of years ago at Marywood University. He was a student on campus I got to know by attending many of the same events. He’s in a unique position of being an Esports broadcaster. To be 1000% honest I’m not exactly sure what that means other than in the magical world of online gaming he does commentary for tournaments or large professional contests. He is the Al Michaels of the gaming world.

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Paul’s desire to expand his career led him to give me a call about doing some branding images. What are the branding images? That is when a person or business wants to create a certain look and feel for who they are and what they do!

The ultimate goal of this type of shoot is to produce a series of images that could be used for many scenarios that person or business encounter. For example, do you want a friendly look or an assertive look?  Do you want an approachable look more intimidating look? Branding images for a defense attorney would look different than those for an elder law or family estate attorney

Paul and I wandered around the campus Marywood University and allowed or spontaneous creativity to find some spots for us. He did a quick wardrobe change as well. I work best in a spontaneous environment. I find I get my best shots by not planning them and I love when clients like Paul trust me and also get excited to just see what happens. There are times you need a certain shot and plan to get it but at the same time, you can work on that from various perspectives once you are shooting.

In this last collage we used one spot as you can see. But we gain so many different looks! Finding a different perspective or angle or simply positioning the subject a little different and make a big change.

One of the best things about my job is also a critical component of what I do. Paul and I did not  just simply walk around the campus find a spot where  I tell him to stand there and look at the camera, click the shutter and the  walk to the next spot. We had many conversations… we talked about how unique his job was. He taught me about the gaming world and I just let him express all of the things he’s excited about.

By finding a few different spots, capturing a bunch of expressions, and changing the wardrobe we created some images of Paul can post to social media, use for press releases and just allow people to get to know him.

Thank you Paul for this fun afternoon and I am looking forward to hearing more about your success and how your unique career begins to explode with success!

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