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So I recently attended a virtual summit on personal branding for photographers. I definitely learned some things and was also reminded of some things I should have been doing all along, but I forgot about them. It was definitely a fun experience and I’m glad I participated.  With these speakers how do you go wrong?!

Malike Sidibe | Peter Hurley | Rob Grimm | Tina Eisen | Vanessa Joy
Heidi Hapanowicz | John DeMato | Jen Rozenbaum | Maurice Jager | Albert Dros

What makes it even more interesting is part of my job is helping others with their personal branding by creating images for their businesses. So to take a step back and challenge myself was interesting for sure.  I love creating headshots, lifestyle images, or product images for people and see that it shows their business in an even better light than they already were. So I guess I should take the time to think about my own branding and do the same for myself.

One thing I did after following the summit was to ask people to provide three words that would describe me and my business.  It was scary and exciting at the same time.  I had no clue what everyone would reply.  Some people responded quickly and simply with three words, while others took some time to think it out and sent back very complimentary paragraphs.  I truly appreciated all the words and descriptions I read.  People were very kind!!!!

Some of the comments I received were:



Put at ease

Capture person not just picture



Capture the realness


Easy going

Focused on person’s personality


I have to say I was flattered!!!! And now I have to get to work on rebranding myself. Thank you Maurice for the great workshop with some amazing photographers!!! Listening to such inspiring stories and learning that I am not alone in my doubts or challenges helped me feel better about moving forward. The ideas I heard were so great and a little overwhelming since I want to initiate each one immediately! Slow down Straub and do it all right was the overall message I learned though. It’s better to be sure you are consistent and on message every time. Such as with social media ….. Quality over quantity! Posting every day won’t have the same effect as putting out 1 or 2 posts per week that really rock.
Well…. I better get back to work rather than just talking about it!

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