Why I and every other photographer love what we do

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So … why do I love taking photos, or creating photos, or making images?? Call it what you want but I just love photography. I have always been a visual person. I love to learn by watching. I love just explore places and try to notice everything!!! I would think all photographers whether you make a living at it or not are the same way.

If you have ever wondered what spurs on a photographer’s passion, you are about to find out. Here are just some of the many reasons I along with your photographer of choice wouldn’t change their job for anything in the world

Photography changes how you see things. You notice colors, textures, flowers, trees, people, shapes and light in a way most people never see them.

You pay more attention to the beauty around you. Even the most mundane object can become beautiful when you photograph it in a creative way. Many photographers love their job because they develop a fascination with the world around them by viewing it through new eyes.

It’s an amazing creative outlet. You get the chance to put a little bit of who you are into each photo that you take. Anyone can click a camera’s buttons but not everyone can truly make a photo come to life. I don’t say that in a pompous way but more in a way of you just have this inner guide to say “that looks good.” or “if I put the background out of focus it will look better.” It challenges you to make the camera see like the human brain.

It’s a challenge. Just as I suggested in the last point …. Creating cool photos that capture the magic of everyday life doesn’t come without hard work, dedication, and imagination. There is always something new to explore and a new way to take the same photos. It’s a job that never gets boring. Every wedding is just another wedding or is it????? Different places, moods, weather, etc. Every wedding is its own unique event in the end!

(2 images from the same place with a totally different perspective.)

You get to meet new people all the time. A photographer works with people from all walks of life. Getting to know someone new is a part of the process of bringing someone’s personality through in a photo. It also makes the job a lot more fun! It is by far one of the things I love most about my job. I have met some very interesting people over the years.

I LOVE what I do and I hope it shows! Just know if you hire me or any other true pro you have someone that will put their heart into it for you!!!!!