I love when I get to photograph with a  blank slate!  No exact expectation, no specific shot in mind.  No pressure about “not getting the shot”.  Just good ‘ol fashion fun shooting.

That is just what happened when I teamed up with some other artsy folk.  We decided to create images based on the current situation.  We would meet up and go from there.  I brought some lighting and a background and reflector.  Had no clue what would happen.  Well … There was one shot we knew would happen at the end.  But that was it.

After seeing the great work that Maria did with makeup, it was easy to ask about doing a shoot.  I was excited when she said yes.   She then asked Tiffany to join on for styling hair and I am very glad she did.   I think we teamed up well and had a fun day.

First up was the lovely Bella.  Such a natural beauty.   Tiffany did a cool style with her hair and Maria gave her colorful eyes.  We scoped out a few locations in the building and made some images.  Bella is a really sweet young lady doing her first shoot.  We all made sure it was relaxed and fun since she was a little nervous.  In the end ….she rocked it.

Sarah also joined in the fun with a  little abstract make up and full hair.   She has done Art modeling for nude studies, but was also sort of new to the camera.  But she rocked it too.   We tried to find new spot for some of her shots.   I said “how bout the fire escape?”  She replied “Cool, yea, let’s do it.”   Maria was kind enough to hand hold the beauty dish light so we can make the sun look even better on her pretty face.

Oh yea, I mentioned we did have one shot in mind.  Maria wanted to do a little something different, which was photograph Bella with paint running through her hair.  Lights were set, Bella stood in place, and Maria and Tiffany started pouring.  Here is the best of that series.

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