I had a great time photographing Emily! I worked with her mom, Beth, a few years back and did Senior photos for her older sister, so I felt good going into the job. I already knew what awesome people they are so that meant it would be fun!   

Emily was ready for creative fun shots. She knew she wanted to include some bright colors and a “graffiti” look in some images. She also liked the thought of making the background be more of a city look.

Her sense of fashion certainly made this shoot easier! She looked great in all the outfits that she chose.

She mentioned that some murals were painted along the Heritage Valley Trail, so we checked out and found something much cooler than your basic muslin curtain backdrop! We found a few other great spots along the trail.

I love this type of shoot…. Not knowing exactly where it will go or what we will find. It keeps the creative juices flowing.

After the trail, we ended up downtown to use a door I always found interesting. You’ve driven past it I’m sure if you live in Scranton. Again we found some other great spots on Penn Ave, along with the graffiti door, Beth was an excellent creative director! She was scoping out all the cool places to shoot!

As a finale, we headed a few blocks north to a church with a bright red door. Emily had this in mind all the while. It was one of her original suggestions. Once again, she nailed it with the wardrobe choice. The white dress against the red door was a perfect combo.

I say thank you to these two ladies for allowing me the chance to be part of a great shoot! I think we nailed some keepers.

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