It’s family portrait season!  Spring is in the air and I am loving it.  What makes family sessions so much fun is that there are so many people to meet.  Being in the Pocono area means I do a lot of sessions for families that are having a reunion of some sort.  They don’t see each other all that often so being together for a photo is special.   

We all know I love to keep my sessions fun and relaxed.   The families that book me love it that way too.  They are gathered to have fun and be with each other to catch up.  The don’t want a session with pressure and all that jazz.   I like it better when it’s a family being photographed and not a photograph of a family.  

These are all images from 2 different sessions I shot recently.   One was at Buck Hill Fall Golf Club and the other was at Shawnee Inn.   Both families were so happy to all be together.  

Sometimes a mini-headshot session can break out or Grandma can make a funny request!  Like in this case where at the very end, she asked the every famous “Now would you mind doing 1 picture that I think would be fun?”.   She pulled out the red lips and I of course said “let’s do this.”    

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