I always have fun at every shoot I do for Marywood University, but this one was especially fun.

The marketing department was looking to create some new images of professors interacting with students. They had hoped to create images showing a more personal connection then just being in the classroom  I must say I have seen this for real many times on campus.  I am sure that is why they wanted to capture it.  And, to be honest …. as we were doing the shoot it happened naturally.  

I love this type of shoot.  You can plan all you want, and that is important.  But in the end, we just shot from the hip.  Once I saw the natural, real interaction happening, I just kept photographing it all.  It was very unscripted… I would just ask them to sit down and watched what happened naturally.  The professors were truly interested in engaging in real conversations with the students, so it just flowed.  

There were even sometimes they didn’t even realize I was photographing them! I saw the real moments happening and got some shots.   

Thank you to the staff and students for an interesting fun morning!  

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