I just wanted to take moment to say I wish everyone out there a great new year!  I really hope that 2017 will be a great year for all mankind.  I hope we can find solutions to better the human condition here in the US or around the world, and in every single household.  So many of us are fighting battles that no one else knows…. I wish that we all win those battles.   

It is a time of year of reflection…. We are all thinking of why, how, when, etc.   I am realizing that I do what I do because I love to express myself and growing up I had trouble doing that.  It comes much easier now but I think I love to photograph others so they can see themselves and be seen by others in a different way. I want to help them feel comfortable showing themselves to the world in a portrait or showing emotion from an event.  I hope I did that for a few people this year.  And, I hope I can do it more in 2017.   


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