What do you show the world about you??   Are you using the right photo to express who you are in your professional world?  Many people will use an image of themselves cropped out from a big group photo or a picture from vacation.  Is this really the image you want on LinkedIn or for your business card?   Is this really how you want future employers or clients to see you?  Creating a new headshot every few years will keep you current and legit.   In today’s world, you don’t have to comply with the traditional style of a headshot with a studio look on a nice background.  They are great and always will work, but you can branch out and create images more exciting or creative.   Are you a real estate agent?  Let’s do a shoot in front of some homes or in your office space!  Are you an attorney??  We can use your local courthouse as a background.  You can be interacting with a client! 

Think about who you are and how you want to be seen.  Think about the location to use and the message you want to give to those looking.   Does a Facebook-style selfie portray your place in the business world?? Does a low resolution of a cropped photo from your sister’s wedding scream “have confidence in me”?  I am here to help you create one or many images that will put you on top of your game for those looking!  

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