A High School Senior wanted his photo session at the family’s lake house and it could not have worked out better!  I photographed John’s parent’s wedding a little while back and now I’m proud to say all these years later I was able to create images for John.

We had an awesome setting near the lake for the shoot.  We also used a great old barn for some shots.   This is what I love about what I do.  You just don’t know where the location shoot will take you.  It’s so much fun to shoot in new locations and find a hidden gem.

Another spot we decided to use was the back porch steps.  Sometimes it’s the simple things that work out so well.  I walked around to find different angles and levels to keep it fresh and unique.

Lean against a tree, sit on a canoe, stand on a rock!  Hey, it all worked!  You have to have fun without making the client uncomfortable while trying to get the best shots.   Thanks John for being open to the ideas and being cool all around.  I enjoyed this session and can’t wait for the future seniors that are booked up!

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