So I met Karen and her son Holden on the top of Camelback Mountain at Big Pocono State Park.  They were visiting the Poconos for a long weekend, and wanted to include a photo session.  We spoke on the phone when planning this out and I knew it was going to be a fun shoot just from that.   

Karen was a cool Mom and Holden was a great kid.  You could easily see they were very close and in sync.  Karen mentioned that they lived in various areas of the country which was cool.   At such a young age, Holden has seen a lot of the world!  

We wandered around the park looking for cool spots and kept it very causal.  I could tell they were both very easy going and the shoot would go better if I kept things simple and fun.  We headed down a path and hung out in a wooded area.  There were so many spots to use and we did just that.  I was looking for some cool compositions using the tress for framing.  

We used the cool stone building as big prop too.  These two where natural models!

After a while we headed back down the mountain to hang out with a swan.  Yep, you read that right. There is a nice pond area where some ducks and a swan hang out.  It was such a great idea to stop.   Karen is a yoga instructor and started doing some poses from being inspired by the beauty of the surroundings.   We nailed a few individual poses there since they were both feeling very relaxed.

I love it when it all comes together like that!!!!!!

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