Kelli and her family recently took a vacation to Skytop Lodge.  They live in Texas but took some time to visit NEPA.  While they were here I was honored to do a shoot with them.  I was humbled as well.  You see, I was contacted by to see if I would want to help them.  They are an organization that provides gravely ill parents and their minor children with memorable family experiences.  I will be honest, at first thought “I don’t think I can do this.”  Well then I thought a bit more and said “I have to do this.”

I learned that it’s not always about the perfect posed image.  It’s not about if hair is in place.  It’s not about the “perfect” exposure.  This shoot was about smiles, laughs, hugs, and LOVE.  I only hope that I was able to show what they felt for each other.  Not one word was spoken about Kelli’s struggles, yet we all knew why I was there.  I am truly honored to have taken on the task and wish this really cool family nothing but the best.

To all those that view this blog post please do me one favor.  When you close the window try to focus on the positives, and know that we all only get one shot at this.  Hug your wife, your children and parents.  Call that friend or relative.  Make peace with anyone that needs to be forgiven.  Thank you for sharing your time and letting me document your family, Kelli.

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