Every now and then as a photographer you create an image that just touches your heart the way you intended it to touch your client’s heart.  I do my best for my clients to create images that are real, natural and make memories.  I have a great relationship with this family… I have photographed several weddings and family sessions.  I even managed to become part of one’s business by photographing the wonderful kids in their pre-school.

When I saw this image it reminded me that in the technology driven world everyone has a camera with them.  Their phone, point & shoot, DSLR…whatever the case may be.  But there times when you should just set it down and be in the moment!  That is why I love this family, they allow me to be the person that preserves the moment while they enjoy it.

I am truly not trying to “sell” anyone here, but I  believe it to be true.  Next time you are have a family event ..think if it makes sense to just enjoy the moment and allow myself or the photographer of your choice to create the memories.

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