Drew is my nephew but that is not the only reason I thought this wedding was great. He and his beautiful bride, Nicole, planned out a great day at a great venue! They both had a very laidback attitude and were ready for the day and happy to just be married. And at the end, Nicole became my niece!

I met up with Nicole at their home and the day just rolled out naturally.

It’s always interesting documenting a wedding for family. I am the photographer of course but to know the people at a different level both helps and makes me a little nervous. You have to balance it all well. And as in the other cases … Drew and Nicole were more concerned with “Uncle Mike” than “our photographer”. You can’t take that for granted though…. gotta stay focused and nail the shot! How darn cute is that flower girl by the way???

Drew was his usual charming yet funny self. I love when the groom is just himself! He was genuinely excited about getting married. He’s a State Trooper and looked quite dapper and gentlemanlike!

The weather was perfect!!! Blue sky, great temp and a venue to die for! They chose Stock’s Manor for the celebration spot of the day. It is located in Mechanicsburg, PA. They have an amazing setting and atmosphere. My favorite part of the day was when they took a little walk on their own. The scenery was screaming to take more photos!

And one of the best/worst wedding shots ever has to be this one. Told you he was charming and funny…..

These 2 crazy kids were there of course. I have to say it was nice to be able to be at a wedding and sit with my wife and son for dinner. It sure beats a bar stool in the kitchen. (Yes, that has happened. LOL) It took me a while to post about this event …. it was way back in October. It was actually on Connor’s birthday. He was so excited when his Aunt Gail surprised him with his own Minecraft cake! She is Drew’s Mom and a pretty darn good cake boss herself.

Thank you Nicole and Drew for a fun day of photography and family!

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