So I set a personal project for myself.  I wanted to create at least one good image per day using my GoPro.  I want to keep the creative juices flowing and my mind open to seeing what is in front of me.  I think this is a fun way to “practice” if you will.   Hopefully you will like them too! 

I have to be honest ….. The darn storm hit hard and distracted me.  I did some shots but then I spent a ton of time shoveling us out and sorta kinda forgot about the project.   My bad.  Well hopefully the habit will grow this week and I do better.  

Sunday:  The view off the side porch of our house.   I just noticed the interesting angle of the railing due to the wide angle.  

Monday:  I had a few photo jobs and stopped to do a little editing.  I set the camera on the table just to see what it would look like.   Thought it turned out cool.

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