So we hit Philadelphia for the weekend.  Day 1 was all about science at The Franklin Institute.  Jurassic World exhibit rocked!!  As fun as that was, the brag moment happened today, day 2 of the adventure, which was all about history.  

We went to The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.  Connor couldn’t see over the people in front of us, so I did the cliche dad move of picking him up.  He was listening with great intent to everything the park ranger was saying.  The ranger was explaining that the Declaration of Independence was signed right here in this very room.  Then he asked “does anyone know what other important document was written and signed here?”  Connor raised his hand and was waving it excitedly.  The ranger pointed at him and said “tell us”.  Connor said back “who me?” The ranger said “Yes! Tell us what other important document was drafted and signed in this room.” And in a very confident and proud tone Connor said “The Constitution!”  The park ranger exclaimed “you are right!” And standing in one of the most historical places of our nation 90 people applauded for Connor.   Not a bad Sunday afternoon.   

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