As I am about to celebrate my 50th lap around the sun, I am realizing that I have spent just about half of my life without my mom.  Technically it is 24 years but you get the picture.   As I hear Ed Sheeran sing this I am reminded of her life and challenges.  My mom always tried to see the good in others and teach me to see life as a beautiful experience even though she herself suffered inside.  She lost her own mom at the age of 16 and then had to say goodbye to 2 of her own sons.  My mother gave birth to 6 boys.  She is now with my 2 brothers that I never had a chance to know since I am the youngest of the 6.   Listening to this song allows me to see that she was an angel trying her best to give love even though her heart was broken.   Thank you, mom, for allowing me my so far 50 years of life.   

Ed Sheeran

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