I am always learning with my job!  What I mean is, I learn all about Northeast PA and what is actually here.  SmartWatt is a company that helps organizations become more energy efficient.  They have locations all across the country, including the Scranton area.   

I had the pleasure to meet the group working here as I was invited to their offices to create some new headshots for them. The company is going through a rebranding and wanted fresh images of all the teams.  It was a fun few hours!  We utilized the inside, as well as did some images outside the office.  

I am so happy to see that SmartWatt took the approach to create real images of their teams rather than use stock images.  It is always better when the photography is personal.  

We are so inundated with images these days, it’s easy to loose track of what we are seeing.   When a company takes the approach of using images that are personal, they create a better bond with their clients.  With so many ways to capture photos these days, it’s great to work with companies like SmartWatt that want to be sure it is all captured in the best way possible!  

If your company is looking to create a new look, I would be very happy to discuss how I can help!  Whether it’s for a new website, or new ad campaign I would love the opportunity to create some natural, personal and effective images for you! 

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