At the end of me blabbing you will find a link for an article about wedding photography styles.  

This is a good read for brides-to-be.   I always try to tell those who call me and inquire about wedding photography that it is a very subjective decision.  Yes regardless of cost, you may end up with the “same thing”, a book or digital collection of your wedding photos.  But, it’s not just the  end product that really matters…. It is how that was created, inspired, viewed and photographed that really matters.  You are not hiring someone to give you a book of photos.  You are hiring someone to document one of the most important days of your lives.  Get to know the photographer as a person, get to know their style, and make sure it all lines up with your expectations.   

Reading this info, I guess would put me in the “Lifestyle” category.  I love to let things happen naturally at weddings, but will on a few occasions ask for a certain pose or action from the bride and groom.  Nothing crazy, but something that creates a cool shot.  But I also know enough to understand my client and their personalities.   Nothing makes me crazier than hearing “and then they made us do this stupid pose”.  I would never make a couple do anything they felt was not for them!  My job is to be there for them, not to make them do anything!  I listen to their ideas too!  Why not try the shot they see in their minds???  There is nothing to lose.  Of course I may provide some feedback for technical reasons but in the end if they want the shot … I do my best to capture it.  I think it’s fun to think and work together!  

So please read this link and I hope it helps!  

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