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Headshot Day in Carbon County

I am excited to tell everyone I have teamed up with the amazing staff at the Carbon County Chamber to create headshots!   We will be having scheduled sessions on March 19th!    Members can sign up here!       
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Last Couple of Days ….

Hello! Lots of things have been happening the last week or so. I have been busy shooting and thinking. I am looking forward to a new year on the way ... I am always looking for ways to grow, and
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Long Time No Blog

Well, it's been awhile!  I seemed to have fallen off the wagon when it comes to blogging.  I could say that the silver lining is I have been busy.  And that is true... I guess it's better to edit for clients
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What I have been doing …

People, places and things!!  That is what I have been working on lately.  I love that I never really know what the next gig will entail.  I have been building up on the business/commercial side of the business lately and it's
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Commercial Work

I have been doing a lot of commercial work lately and really enjoying it.  It can be challenging and fun all at once.  I guess one good thing is you don't have to tell a credit card or bottle of
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Three Lovely Ladies

I had the pleasure of photographing the staff at Dr. Pluknett's office recently. They were looking to update their website and I was contracted through Design Done Right to get the shots.     I was able to set up
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Marywood is Doing Something Special

I recently was at Marywood University to photography a groundbreaking ceremony.  Nothing new to Universities really, but what made this special is the purpose of the building.     Congrats Marywood for stepping into the future with the new Learning

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The Wright Center

I had a great time creating images for The Wright Center as they were creating a new website.  They did it right if you ask me ….no pun intended.  Rather than using images from stock agencies, they decided to capture images

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Location, Location, Location

Just like in Real Estate location can play a big role in photography.  I always like to tell my clients let’s make it as real as possible. Why set up a background when the subject’s real environment can be the

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Marywood University Campus Life Shoot

This summer I was busy on College and University shoots.  I worked with Johnson College, (there is a another blog post with that stuff) as well as Marywood University.   I had a great time and learning experience doing these projects.

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