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Been A While

I have not really been keeping up with the blog. Not because I do t want to but because I have been crazy busy! Not a bad problem. But with the wife traveling, Connor doing things at school and a

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Proud Dad Brag Moment 

So we hit Philadelphia for the weekend.  Day 1 was all about science at The Franklin Institute.  Jurassic World exhibit rocked!!  As fun as that was, the brag moment happened today, day 2 of the adventure, which was all about

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Vacation 2015

We took a little vacation last week.  We loaded up Peg's car since my air conditioner is on the fritz.  It was a little weird to not be driving but it was also a little relaxing I have to say. We
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One of Those Days… But that’s OK

Today was a frantic day.  I discovered my iMac was slowly starting to well….. die.  The graphics card was acting up the last 2 days.  I finally heard the news I didn’t want to hear.  “Well to be honest buddy

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Field Day at School!!!!

Connor's school hold a "Field Day" every year.  The kids have a great time playing games and even try to dunk their teachers in the dunk tank!  Connor had 4 throws but unfortunately didn't get a hit.  He did have 
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What a Week….

family photographer scranton I have learned a lot this week about parenting.  Connor has allergies ... so does half the world.  But this week they kicked his butt and he ended up in the hospital.  After getting over the thoughts of "I should
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The Best Kid Ever

This is not exactly photography related but I just felt I had to share.  Connor came out of his CCD class today after learning a great song!  He decided to do a solo performance in the car.  I am not
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A Day With Connor

Since Monday was a holiday my best buddy did not have school. So we decided to go bowling! Now.... I know the day was to honor Martin Luther King, so Connor and I actually took some time to talk about
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Happy Birthday Connor

Our son, Connor Michael Straub, turns 8 today.  I have truly enjoyed every second of his existence.  He has taught me so much and brought me tremendous joy.  We love you dude!!!!!!    

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A Big Day….

So today was a pretty big day. It was opening day for Connor’s Little League. We had an awesome time. What struck me the most was that I was honored enough to be given a T-shirt and hat and made

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