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A Day in New York City

Connor has never been in the big city so we took a day during Christmas break to let him see some of the sites.  We watched the movie Elf about 368 times in the last few weeks so he was
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A Big Day….

So today was a pretty big day. It was opening day for Connor’s Little League. We had an awesome time. What struck me the most was that I was honored enough to be given a T-shirt and hat and made

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Nicole and Kenny

Nicole and Kenny are getting married!  That’s pretty cool…….for two reasons.  First Kenny is my nephew so I am thrilled he found such a nice young lady to marry.  And, secondly, I got the opportunity to have a great engagement

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Jenelle and Bob

What a great day I had with Jenlle and Bob.  The had a great wedding party and 2 fun families.  

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I really love this kid…..

I don’t want to sound like “that Dad” but I have to say I really love this kid.  I am sure it is just as much as you love your children, but I just needed to say it once I

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Corin and Ryan…..

I had an awesome time with Corin and Ryan.  They are a very sweet couple and were so happy to have all of their family with them. They had more kids at their wedding than I have ever seen before,

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The Reason I Do What I Do

So I did a Portrait sesssion not too long ago for this lovely lady.  She was so happy when we were done.  The shoot was for her and no one else.  She told me she was so happy to be

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