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A Different Perspective

I did a shoot recently for a long time friend, Cindy. Her daughter is a high school senior, and we did a session to capture her at this important time in her life. I knew we would have a fun
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My Personal Project Results

So I set a personal project for myself.  I wanted to create at least one good image per day using my GoPro.  I want to keep the creative juices flowing and my mind open to seeing what is in front
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See The Difference!!! Pro Photographers Are Worth It!

Pro photographers are expensive.  But what isn't it worth it to have the best images in the end???  We do our best to bring the best outcome to your expectations!  If not me, at least consider hiring a pro overall.
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Stories of Autism

I am so happy to be part of the Stories of Autism  project again this year. This is a great way to share awareness and help educate those, like me, about Autism. Photographers create portraits and families tell stories. I have
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A New Year and (Hopefully) New Me!

Well we are headed into 2015 and I can’t wait.  I will openly admit I am in a change … one for the better I think!  I feel it is important to take a look at ourselves and reevaluate who

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Happy Birthday Connor

Our son, Connor Michael Straub, turns 8 today.  I have truly enjoyed every second of his existence.  He has taught me so much and brought me tremendous joy.  We love you dude!!!!!!    

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Sometimes it just all comes together ….

She sat and looked up to the light.  After making a few badly exposed images … I finally tuned in and got this one.  Not to sound pompous ….but that is why the camera has all the buttons and dials.

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A Very Cool Place…

I may not get there enough personally,  but The Vintage is a great place.  If you are looking for a cool venue to host sometime of artful event or just want a cool place to hang….check them out! 

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Veteran’s Day

I have the immense pleasure to meet Bryan Anderson this week.   He was speaking at Marywood University.    This guy has been through hell and back.  He lost 3 of his limbs in Iraq, but now speaks around the

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Happy Sunday Everyone …..

Everyday I think we all try our best.  Or at least we like to think we do.  This video is powerful.  If we all focus on positives, on good things, a little less on our own needs then we may

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