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Abby’s and Rob’s Family

I don't do many newborn shoots.  That is no secret really.  But, man, this one went really well!  Abby and Rob are an awesome couple and since their wedding we have met back up several times to photograph their growing
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Noel and Greg.. A Pocono Wedding at The French Manor

I was so happy to be part of Noel's and Greg's day.   They planned a very intimate wedding at The French Manor.  They invited only the closest family and friends, and it was such a perfect day.  One of
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An Unexpected Surprise

I had an unexpected surprise this weekend.  I got a call from Chelsea and Matt, asking if I would be available for a quick shoot.  They are getting married in NJ but were visiting the Poconos and heard of a
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One of Those Days… But that’s OK

Today was a frantic day.  I discovered my iMac was slowly starting to well….. die.  The graphics card was acting up the last 2 days.  I finally heard the news I didn’t want to hear.  “Well to be honest buddy

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Today Was Unique

Today was a unique day. I was alone and driving around NEPA. I had the chance to work with a local bank to create images for their website. So, I had to drive to each location and create images of
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Kelli and her family

Family photographer Scranton Kelli and her family recently took a vacation to Skytop Lodge.  They live in Texas but took some time to visit NEPA.  While they were here I was honored to do a shoot with them.  I was humbled as well. 
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I really love this kid…..

I don’t want to sound like “that Dad” but I have to say I really love this kid.  I am sure it is just as much as you love your children, but I just needed to say it once I

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Happy Sunday Everyone …..

Everyday I think we all try our best.  Or at least we like to think we do.  This video is powerful.  If we all focus on positives, on good things, a little less on our own needs then we may

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What Connor Has Taught Me ….

Just like every parent, I think my child is awesome. So, I won’t bore you with stories of how great he is and all that jazz. But, instead, I will tell you what I’ve learned from my awesome son Connor…..

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