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Been A While

So it's been a while since I have done a blog post.   There is a a good reason though... I've been crazy busy!!!  I have been loving all the creativity and fun I have been experiencing while shooting, but
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Gotta Get Back To This

So I guess I fell off the blogging wagon.  That's ok, right??  I have been busy taking photos and being a dad, so I will cut myself a break.  Life is a cycle as we all know.  We need breaks
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Just Thinking 

As we go through life sometimes things change or need to be done differently. Lately I have been finding more need to journal my thoughts. I think I will use this blog to do that. So you can expect to

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Today Was Unique

Today was a unique day. I was alone and driving around NEPA. I had the chance to work with a local bank to create images for their website. So, I had to drive to each location and create images of
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