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Something To Think About

At the end of me blabbing you will find a link for an article about wedding photography styles.   This is a good read for brides-to-be.   I always try to tell those who call me and inquire about wedding
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Business Plan Competition 2015

A great event that I love being part of each year is happening again!  The annual Business Plan Competition!  TecBridge is once again making dreams come true for entrepreneurs.  This is a great way to showcase your great idea in the
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It’s Your Day ….

Planning the wedding can be very overwhelming. I think we all know that. Getting help from friends and family is a wonderful and necessary thing. But, try not to lose track that it is your day. Not Mom's, not your
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2014 Business Plan Competition

As promised … here is a slide show that I put together for my client TecBridge.  This is a small sampling of the images i created for the 2014 Business Plan Competition.  Tonight is the dinner where the winners will be announced

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Resources To Help Plan Your Wedding Day

I thought it may be helpful to share with you a list of professionals/websites that can help you out with planning your wedding. I’m not getting paid or calling these “favorites”. I just thought I would create a list ….

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Some Tips for Your Wedding Planning & Photography

I just thought I would share some thoughts from my experiences in the wedding photography world. I’m not trying to “sell” anyone or sound pompous. I’m just trying to help…..I hope you find these quips and thoughts as relative and

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