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Why You Need a Quality Headshot

In this growing business and marketing world, you must be very competitive. For most people striving to make a difference in the business world is difficult. The key is knowing that the way you are perceived is going to help
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Head Shot Time

What do you show the world about you??   Are you using the right photo to express who you are in your professional world?  Many people will use an image of themselves cropped out from a big group photo or
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When The Subject Is Not A Person – Product Photography

I love photographing people! But.....some days people aren't the subject.  And as challenging as it is to photograph people, product photography can be just as challenging.  Ok they don't ask you to see the photos on the back of the
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SmartWatt Energy Headshots

I am always learning with my job!  What I mean is, I learn all about Northeast PA and what is actually here.  SmartWatt is a company that helps organizations become more energy efficient.  They have locations all across the country,
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Rich Jenkins….. Good Music

So I was honored to do a shoot with a great musician and friend.  The legend, Rich Jenkins asked me to do some promotional images for some upcoming projects.  We met at Red Rock Recording studio in Saylorsburg so we
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Who Says a Business Shoot Has To Be “Stiff”???

The Small Business Development Center at the University of Scranton asked me to help create some relaxed portraits of their great staff.  I was happy to!!!  They are a great group doing great things. If you never heard of them, they
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Commercial Photography Shoot in Scranton

Commercial photographer Scranton I recently did a shoot in Scranton for a nice company up on Montage Mountain.  We created images to show their employees and work environment.  I think it's fun to have some "script" of what should be shot, but then
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I had the pleasure to create images for a young entrepreneur.  Alex is moving up the corporate world chain quickly.  He already sits on a Board of Directors for Eric Trump.   I was able to meet Alex as he

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The Wright Center

I had a great time creating images for The Wright Center as they were creating a new website.  They did it right if you ask me ….no pun intended.  Rather than using images from stock agencies, they decided to capture images

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Here I go again!

Hello! I have once again revamped the website! I hope you like it. As the new year is getting going, I want to stay fresh and energized. No better way than to keep things new. I will be posting more

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