Sooooo…. Here are even more images from performances from the Scranton Cultural Center! These kids knock it out of the park every time.

I love to be at the dress rehearsals to create promotion images of the performances. Just watching is the reward! I think the staff does a great job of guiding these kids but the talents are all theirs. To be such a young age and have the courage to jump up on that stage to act and/or sing is so inspiring!

The above images are from the performance of Beauty And The Beast. The costumes, as well as the singing and acting, were outstanding! I think everyone was in the perfect role and the synergy was perfect. The show just flowed and was right up there with a Broadway performance.

Legally Blonde The Musical Jr. was also great! At the beginning was a cute performance called Dancin’ Through The Decades. The younger students were part of this dancing showcase and did a great job!!! The cast of the musical was so fun to watch, hear and photograph. The dance numbers rocked!

Last but not least …These kids did Willy Wonka Jr. I can just repeat what I said above. They did great! I love watching these kids grow as performers. It’s so nice to see them time after time becoming better at performing while also growing up in front of us all.

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