Weddings are like fingerprints — There are a lot of them but no two are alike.

And that’s one of the reasons I enjoy photographing them so much. Even after more than a decade of photographing weddings in Northeastern Pennsylvania, I am always inspired.

No matter how many hundreds of “I do’s” and first kisses I witness through the lens of my camera, each wedding is unique.

The best wedding images are honest and real, which is why I approach wedding photography as a photojournalist. My style is unobtrusive and natural, so you can just enjoy your day and allow those picture-perfect moments to unfold naturally.

The result will be a wedding album filled with authentic photos that truly capture the spirit of you and your loved ones. Your wedding album will be an heirloom for your family to treasure for generations to come.

A variety of wedding packages are available, and we’ll find one that’s just perfect for you.


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