I have learned a lot this week about parenting.  Connor has allergies … so does half the world.  But this week they kicked his butt and he ended up in the hospital.  After getting over the thoughts of “I should have remember the Allegra everyday”  or “What did I do wrong?”, I decided it is life and just get tough and ready.  He was only in the hospital for one night but it was not his best.  He had blood work and an IV.  So there were plenty of tears and hugs.  Mommy stayed tougher than me actually …thank goodness.  I was ready to lose it at times.  He handled it all like a champ and is in recovery mode now.  He needs to see a few Doctors this week but in the end all will be ok, I’m sure.  I know there are many other families fighting through much more challenges.  But I did learn some things.

A child’s love in unconditional.  He never lost his trust in us and still did what was asked of him.

A parent’s love is unconditional.  Both Peg and I slept in his room without even thinking about it.  I got the chair and she got the sofa.

Patience can grow when love is needed.  As scared and frustrated as we were, we knew we had to stay focused on him and his needs.  We did a pretty good job I must say.

Finally, Life keeps going.  Even though he still has some doctors to see, today he received First Holy Communion.

What a week…. sick on the couch, to a hospital bed, to First Holy Communion.  Thank God he was able to attend after all the preparation.  As I said …. in the overall world, our challenges were minimal compared to many.  But it was a roller coaster ride for sure.   Love ya buddy!!!!  And don’t worry neither Mommy or I are ever going to get off the roller coaster.

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