I love photographing people! But…..some days people aren’t the subject.  And as challenging as it is to photograph people, product photography can be just as challenging.  Ok they don’t ask you to see the photos on the back of the camera 120 times or blink every time you set off your flash, but they can create there own set of “now what?!” thoughts.  For example, reflections, what angle, what are we trying to show, and so on.  
I just did a shoot like this with Design Done Right in Scranton.  The assignment was to photograph incredible and exciting flashlight products! I set up the old shooting tent and some lights and went for it. Our goal was to show the cool features of the products.  

 For instance the manufacturer wanted to show how the headlamp was designed to allow the user to be able to lift their safety visor up without having to remove the light.  In their world and to their clients this was a great advantage!  I photographed all the items from different angles, moving my lights around to get it just right.  Or shutting the lights off all together and experimenting with the natural light.  

Every shoot whether it’s a person or product keeps me thinking and that ain’t a bad thing.  It keeps it fun!  

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