The Small Business Development Center at the University of Scranton asked me to help create some relaxed portraits of their great staff.  I was happy to!!!  They are a great group doing great things.

If you never heard of them, they are an organization that helps all small business with all aspects of the business world.  If you need help starting out …you go to them.  If you are up and running and need help with social media or the web…. You go to them.  If you are not the best accountant and need guidance ….guess what, you go to them!  Lisa and her staff make you feel confidant and inspired as well as help you in the technical aspects.

Lisa’s goal was to create images that show the staff as real people.  So you can realize they are “approachable” and certainly not “judgmental” or “stuffy”.   You are nervous  enough trying to start or run a business.  The last thing you want is to be intimidated by those that say they can help.  Well, that won’t happen with this crew!!!  And I hope the images I created help convey that……


Part of the plan and thought process was to make some images of the whole team.  We wanted them to be relaxed and inviting.  Creating a more traditional, posed type shot was not the goal.  We wanted to show the staff as they really are, laid back and fun to work with.

Scranton Business
small business photography scranton

Next, we wanted individual portraits.  But, again, as you can guess, they were to be more personal and relaxed.  This way you can identify with the staff but not feel intimidated…..

One other factor of their well thought out plan was to create horizontal images that could be used for adding “copy”.  Sometimes you want some open space to add text, so you can get your message out there.  Composing personable portraits horizontally helps fill that need.

commercial photos scranton

Maybe your business or organization would like to create images with a new, fresh perspective???  Here are the take-aways from this …..


  • Have a plan. Think out your needs and prepare the photos for that need.
  • Talk to the graphics people you work with.  Will the image be useful or even usable on the site??  How can this be used in promos or ads??
  • Be YOU.  The business world is changing … Suits and ties are still hanging in the closet, and polos are the way to show up now.  Think of how your client sees you.
  • Call me.  I can do the shoot.  🙂
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