In this growing business and marketing world, you must be very competitive. For most people striving to make a difference in the business world is difficult. The key is knowing that the way you are perceived is going to help determine your success or failure. 

 First impressions can be the thing that gives you that push forward or blackballs you for good. So ensuring that you have the right image when you emerge onto the scene is very important to the success of your future in the career you’re choosing.


When it comes to launching or starting a new business career being successful has a lot to do with who you know and first impressions. Developing your own professional profile may do the trick in both getting you out there and make a great first impression.

Using a good social media platform like Linkedin can help give you a great professional profile and provide you with many networking opportunities. Although you will need a great professional headshot to upload onto the platform and statistics show that 85% of people on social media won’t look at a page without pictures. Surprisingly enough many people both professional and personal want to see whose page they are looking at and are more likely to continue scrolling your page if they feel you have an honest and friendly smile.

 When creating your profile be sure your photo has the right lighting resolution and background because most professionals can spot a poorly done photo and this can reduce the impact of your business profile as well as give the wrong first impression.

Building a network of great professionals requires you to offer something unique and out of the box. A professional photo gives them a face they can trust and allows them to see firsthand if you are a good fit for there business. Your headshot is the first thing they notice when coming on to their on your page, 

While we’ve only listed 2 reasons you can already see the importance of using a photo in your professional life. When working online or offline it is important to make a great impression when trying to break into the business industry and it is wise to obtain a great high-quality headshot and keep it on hand. 

Additionally, you can use it for your business cards. While most business cards end up in the trash at some point it is less likely to be thrown to the side if it has a headshot and some additional custom features. Prepare, plan, and pursue to become successful in your business life.

I am happy to meet up with you and discuss your expectations.   Whether we shoot at your office or home, use a background or location, it’s important to ensure your message is expressed how you want it to be.   A Real Estate Agent may wish to be photographed in front of a home while an attorney may wish to be in a courtroom.  While both may also wish for an image on a background as well.    Whatever you may be thinking let’s turn it from a thought to a reality! 

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