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Branding / Headshot Session With Karen

Karen is an awesome woman I know many years now since we used to both work at the same place. She is a very successful professional moving up the company ladder for a communications company, and she needed some new images for her PR kinda stuff.

Since it was a little cold out we tried to think of a place that we could go to get some nice professional, yet casual type images. We ended up on the campus of a local university. The students were not yet back from the holiday break so it worked out perfect that we were able to utilize the space in safe way.

Karen brought along a wardrobe change and she really took it up a notch! The blue dress really popped and made my job easy!!

We basically made the rounds to the same locations with both outfits which gave her a large selection of poses.

Having a few looks is always great for a little variety in your PR. Depending on where you are speaking, or who your marketing target is you have some choices to present the best look for that situation.

Thank you, Karen, for the great shoot and it was fun catching up with you since we have not seen each other since I was in the corporate world way back when!!

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