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New Building - New Look Bright Future

CEO Johnson College

Dr. Katie rocks. As the President and CEO of Johnson College, Dr. Katie Leonard, is constantly seeking ways to improve the education this institution provides for students. Johnson college is always looking to progress and grow and have recently added a brand new building to prove that. Ideal Saldi Hall was recently completed and is now the showcase of the school's campus.

Ideal Saldi Hal

I recently had a great honor and opportunity to create new branding images and headshots for Dr. Katie in this beautiful new building. We have done this before, and her confident yet down to earth personality always makes the job very easy.

Dr. Katie Leonard

We decided to have the shoot in one location. We used beautiful, natural light coming through the large windows to capture both Dr. Katie's personality as well as institution's logo.

She chose the perfect outfit for the day as it blended perfectly with their branding colors while also perfectly reflecting her personality .

Finding different angles and perspectives, while using the same space what is a fun challenge. We wanted to showcase the new beautiful building without losing their leader in that environment.

Thank you Dr. Katie, for trusting me with the job and for the fun session! Keep doing awesome things at Johnson college!


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