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Do You Organize or Plan Meetings or Conferences??

Did you ever think about volume headshot services????? 🤔🤔

Well, I have! And I have a system to make it happen. Imagine you have a large corporate law from contact you to set up their annual offsite meeting. They need space large enough for them all to meet. You arrange for dinners, lunches, extra fun events, etc. But what about head shots? If you have 20, 30, or 40 attorneys all in one room doesn't it make sense for them to all get a new, updated, consistent looking headshot for the firms branding, and for each attorney to use with their social media or own branding?

What about those attending some type of conference or summit… Adding Headshots as a benefit for attendees could draw more people to the event. Let's say a national or state realtors association is holding a three day conference at your venue, headshots are a service they can add to the experience.

I have some pretty cool, software, and systems that can allow me to create in a fun environment a new headshot for every attendee and have those headshots instantly delivered to their phone. Yes, they can have their images sent to them as they're walking away from the session. Each person can then download their images as they are, or retouching services can be offered. There are so many variations of services, depending on what the client's expectations are, but we can certainly accommodate each organization's needs.

Call today to talk about how we can help you help your clients with a more valued experience.

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