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Make Your Favorite Place The Studio!

I recently was contacted to do a headshot session for a gentleman living in the Lehigh Valley. He is a very successful businessman starting a new venture so the marketing firm he contracted with found me and asked to create some current updated headshots. And I did just that!!

But of course before meeting up I asked Ken what style he was looking for. And, of course, as many people say he replied I don't know ....whatever I'm supposed to do… That's when I told him we can do whatever it is he would like! Do you want the traditional look with a background? Would you prefer something with a theme??? Or what sparked his inspiration was when I said is there a favorite location???

Since he ran a very successful business involving the Lehigh River and rafting he immediately got excited to say let's do this at the river! And so we did! This was such a benefit to the shoot since he seemed less interested in doing it than the marketing company shall we say. 😄

I could sense he felt very relaxed and "at home". Being in the environment he loves so much brought out his true personality. We walked along the trail alongside the river as he showed me his favorite spots. If I had set up my background and lighting in his office or conference room somewhere I have a feeling the images would not have been as personal. I'm glad I was able to meet him in his world and create true photos of him for his new opportunities!!

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