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New Looks for United Way

I recently had the opportunity to see my friends at the United Way of Lackawanna and Wayne Counties and create some new headshots!

It was fun for sure since the entire staff are so kind and personable. It took us a little while to find a day when everyone would be there at the same time. Thats' ok though...... in the end it saved them so much time by having me come directly to them. Plus it made for a fun and different atmosphere in the office for a few hours. Everyone enjoyed poking a little fun at each other and had a good laugh.

These are the type of jobs I just love! Headshot day shouldn't be filled with stress or anxiety. They should feel relaxed and fun. I understand how it can be a stressful situation but we all have to realize we are all our own worst critic.

I do my best to make it a relaxing and a comfortable space. Tethering directly to my laptop certainly helps. This way everyone sees what we are getting and choose their favorite image right on the spot.

I must be honest and say what also made it so great was the individuals there. The United Way is doing amazing things focusing on health needs, education needs, financial needs. They do so much and must have a strong staff to accomplish all that they do! Thank you Barry the awesome Director of Community Outreach for trusting me with this task. It was great to see you and catch up..

And thank you, Gary, the President and CEO for inviting me in and wanting your team to look sharp!


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