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New Year, New Site, New Outlook!!

Well, here we go again! A fresh start with a new year.. After some challenging times this year and one of the busiest business years I've ever had I felt the need for a little bit of change. I hope you enjoy my new website. 2020 was awful challenging for everyone in 2021 didn't really get much better. I am hoping we all have an amazing wonderful 2022!

Just said one of my biggest challenges in 2021 was everyone trying to squeeze two summers into one. I am incredibly grateful that I was as busy as it was but it was also a bit of a stress factor since I've been trying so hard to keep up. Everyone finally got out to celebrate with family friends and we all try to make the world like it once was. It was great to be back out there and I hope we continue to get closer to "normal" each and every day.

Here is just a very small portion of what kept me so busy…

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