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4 Headshot Photography Myths You Can Discard Today

Whether you’re thinking about taking headshots for the first time or you want to refresh your current photos, you may have noticed there is a lot of different information floating around.

In this blog, I will fight off some of the most common headshot myths so that you can book your next session with confidence and peace of mind.

There is No Need to Hire a Professional

Anyone can take a headshot on their smartphone, but there’s a very slim chance it will look professional. If you want to look and feel like a true professional online, it’s best to invest in a headshot session with a specialist photographer. Even if you or a family member has a professional camera, equipment doesn’t mean much if you don’t know how to use it or have an eye for headshots. Plus, you want to get the lighting right as well.

Headshots Don’t Need Personality

Contrary to what you’ve heard or read, headshots do need to tell a story and showcase your personality. There are thousands of profiles and portfolios out there, so you need to find a way to stand out. In most instances, someone will notice your photo before they start reading about your skills and experience, so make it count.

You’re Not Photogenic

Far too many professionals shy away from scheduling a professional photo session because they believe they aren’t photogenic. This is never the case – you’ve just been using the wrong photographer. This paired with a little practice in the mirror can lead to eye-catching and professional headshots that will make you stand out in your industry. We are all our own worst critic. Find a photographer you feel comfortable with and I know that your headshot will be awesome!

My Existing Headshots are Fine

This might be the case if you took them within the last 2 years. If not, it’s time to update them. Not only do headshot styles change, but you’ve changed too. And your headshots should always be a clear representation of who you are today.

If you have any other concerns about whether a headshot session is right for you, speak to a local photographer you trust. And if you have not found that photographer quite yet... well gosh darn it I would be happy to talk to you about it!

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