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There Is So Much More Than Taking Pictures!

Let me start by saying I love my job!!! There is no doubt about that. But let’s be honest there is a lot more to it than showing up and clicking the shutter button.

This week I invested a great amount of time into learning about and setting up an amazing studio management software. This is all obviously to streamline my work and make things more efficient. Hopefully I make less mistakes and forget less stuff!

If you need a way to organize your service business this may help you as well. So check out 17 Hats!

It made me really think about how much time I spend not taking photos to ensure the opportunity to take photos. There is so much to running a business that many people don’t see you or think about. Purchasing equipment and software, learning how to use it, answering phone calls, replying to emails, and so much more. Business owners put so much thought and care…

For example I’m learning to automate things such as emails, invoices and what not but I at the same time I worry my clients will think I’m losing the personal touch. There’s a fine balance between showing a client you care and the method you use to conduct every day tasks. In my mind I hope I make my daily routine tasks go quicker so I have more time for editing and photographing. They are the things my clients care about the most, so I should spend most of my time doing those, right??

Anyway… Myself and everyone else should always try to put ourselves in the business owner shoes before we drop that bad Google review bomb or yell out those curse words in the middle of their store let's remember we are all giving it our best shot every day. Or at least hope we all are. Local businesses are run on passion and perseverance. These people love what they do and hope that it shines through. I hope these changes I am making will make me a better business person. God knows I like the photography A LOT more than the business side!!

I will keep you updated on how this all turns out. Who knows maybe I will have more time for my lame blog posts! 😁

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