Mason – A Senior Session

I had the honor to photograph another longtime friend’s daughter. She is a Senior at North Pocono High School and her dad and I have been friends since elementary school. We headed up to Moffett Estates in Moscow in the cold but nailed some cool shots.

Mason is so pretty so photographing her was so easy. She braved the cold and did some outfit changes. She was trying to keep up with 2 of us since Dad was also getting some shots. We were doing a quick lesson and gear swap to make things even more fun.

PJ making it happen

We were moving quickly since the weather was not on our side so I give Mason a lot of credit. She was like a true model! She nailed the poses and was a true champ standing out there.

Thank you PJ and Mason for a fun afternoon. It was nice to catch up with Dad and relive some old stories while also photographing the beautiful young lady I watched grow up.

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I was so happy to spend some time with my high school friend, Christine, and photograph her son, Cameron! They had the best idea to head to an old railroad bridge in Wilkes-Barre. Cameron is a musician and wanted some images showing that.

He brought along a really cool guitar, and dressed the part. We walked along the bridge and surrounding area to create some pretty cool shots. It was cute how mom was nervous about us being on the bridge while being so excited to see the images at the same time! She is the coolest mom and it was easy to see how happy and proud she is with Cameron.

I am thrilled with our results and think they were too. Thank you, Christine and Cameron, for a fun afternoon and the opportunity to create some unique senior shots!

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I met Sabrina a few years ago while doing photos at the dance studio where she is a student. She has gone from the cute little girl to a lovely young lady.

We met up at Moffat Estate in Moscow since the grounds are so beautiful. We found plenty of great spots with perfect light!

Sabrina’s Mom was there as well, which only added to the fun! She was there to help with hair and wardrobe and all that jazz.

Thank you ladies for a fun afternoon! I loved the witty banter and chai!

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Pocono Mountains Magazine

As a member of several chambers in the area, I was excited to see this magazine being publish via YouTube!  There are so many great stories but I thought it may be cool to share the first one … This is close to a year old now but you can, of course, check out the more recent videos here.   I plan to share more of them here as well.   

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I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and let you all know I give thanks to you for all of your support and business over the years!  

I am grateful to be doing what I love.  

I am also grateful for my family and friends to share my passion of photography with!




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Lehigh Valley Chamber Annual Meeting

I had a great time while photographing the Annual Meeting for the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce.   Some of the images can be found here on their Facebook page

I am looking forward to working with the Chamber as well as its members for in the future!  

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Been A While

I have not really been keeping up with the blog. Not because I do t want to but because I have been crazy busy! Not a bad problem. But with the wife traveling, Connor doing things at school and a lot of gigs I had to put the blog on the back burner.

Things are going well! I have been trying to expand my commercial/ headshot business into the Lehigh Valley and I just might be starting to break in! Here a a cool shot from the Lehigh Valley Chamber Annual Meeting!

I just did a shoot today for a lovely young lady I watched grow up!

The weather is turning on us so I’m sure I will be finding more time to write. Stay tuned!

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Why You Need a Quality Headshot

In this growing business and marketing world, you must be very competitive. For most people striving to make a difference in the business world is difficult. The key is knowing that the way you are perceived is going to help determine your success or failure. 

 First impressions can be the thing that gives you that push forward or blackballs you for good. So ensuring that you have the right image when you emerge onto the scene is very important to the success of your future in the career you’re choosing.


When it comes to launching or starting a new business career being successful has a lot to do with who you know and first impressions. Developing your own professional profile may do the trick in both getting you out there and make a great first impression.

Using a good social media platform like Linkedin can help give you a great professional profile and provide you with many networking opportunities. Although you will need a great professional headshot to upload onto the platform and statistics show that 85% of people on social media won’t look at a page without pictures. Surprisingly enough many people both professional and personal want to see whose page they are looking at and are more likely to continue scrolling your page if they feel you have an honest and friendly smile.

 When creating your profile be sure your photo has the right lighting resolution and background because most professionals can spot a poorly done photo and this can reduce the impact of your business profile as well as give the wrong first impression.

Building a network of great professionals requires you to offer something unique and out of the box. A professional photo gives them a face they can trust and allows them to see firsthand if you are a good fit for there business. Your headshot is the first thing they notice when coming on to their on your page, 

While we’ve only listed 2 reasons you can already see the importance of using a photo in your professional life. When working online or offline it is important to make a great impression when trying to break into the business industry and it is wise to obtain a great high-quality headshot and keep it on hand. 

Additionally, you can use it for your business cards. While most business cards end up in the trash at some point it is less likely to be thrown to the side if it has a headshot and some additional custom features. Prepare, plan, and pursue to become successful in your business life.

I am happy to meet up with you and discuss your expectations.   Whether we shoot at your office or home, use a background or location, it’s important to ensure your message is expressed how you want it to be.   A Real Estate Agent may wish to be photographed in front of a home while an attorney may wish to be in a courtroom.  While both may also wish for an image on a background as well.    Whatever you may be thinking let’s turn it from a thought to a reality! 

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Fun Shoot at Marywood University

I always have fun at every shoot I do for Marywood University, but this one was especially fun.

The marketing department was looking to create some new images of professors interacting with students. They had hoped to create images showing a more personal connection then just being in the classroom  I must say I have seen this for real many times on campus.  I am sure that is why they wanted to capture it.  And, to be honest …. as we were doing the shoot it happened naturally.  

I love this type of shoot.  You can plan all you want, and that is important.  But in the end, we just shot from the hip.  Once I saw the natural, real interaction happening, I just kept photographing it all.  It was very unscripted… I would just ask them to sit down and watched what happened naturally.  The professors were truly interested in engaging in real conversations with the students, so it just flowed.  

There were even sometimes they didn’t even realize I was photographing them! I saw the real moments happening and got some shots.   

Thank you to the staff and students for an interesting fun morning!  

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Jeff D’Angelo Design Group –

This is one fun crew!  Thank you Jeff D’Angelo from Jeff D’Angelo Design Group for allowing me to capture your talented team!   Jeff was hired by the Greater Scranton Chamber to set the atmosphere for their 150th-anniversary dinner, and I got to tag along to take some fun photos.  There were awesome folks portraying the people from the last 150 years, along with his amazing props.  

The best part of the evening was meeting the outgoing talented people that work with Jeff.  It was inspiring to see all that talent and energy!   


Thanks Jeff for the fun night!  

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